Stereotypical dimensions and Second Language development in a migrant community

A pilot study




stereotypes, SLA, migration, French L2


Complex forms of reciprocal influences link social, psychological, and linguistic dynamics in social integration processes. Despite the growing number of studies directly assessing the relationships between socio-psychology and language, such a matter keeps resisting a comprehensive systematization, especially for what concerns the phonetic investigation. Founding its premises on a widely adopted socio-psychological model (the Stereotype Content Model), the study here proposed intends to develop a preliminary analysis of the role exerted by stereotypical constructs in specific phonetic aspects of the L2 development. The research – involving a sample of Italo-French participants in a spontaneous setting – highlights the role of a particular stereotypical dimension (the warmth) in orienting the L2 acquisitional outputs: the result is discussed from a broader affective and behavioural perspective.