About the book series

Studi AISV is a series of collective volumes and monographs dedicated to the sound structure of language and to its interfaces with the other components of grammar and discourse.

The book series is multidisciplinary and open to contributions on all phonetic/phonological aspects of spoken and signed language.

Research areas include speech production, speech acoustics, speech perception, sociophonetic variation and historical change, first and second language acquisition, speech and language disorders, the cognitive and neurobiological bases of speech representations and speech processing, technological applications such as speech synthesis and automatic speech recognition, forensic phonetics, speaker recognition.

Manuscripts are subjected to anonymous peer review processes that ensure the highest quality standards.

The book series publishes collective volumes and monographs. Collective volumes are edited once a year. As for monographs, they will be published according to the order of acceptance of manuscripts to Studi AISV.

All volumes of the book series are freely downloadable from this website.

Current Issue

Vol. 10 (2023): Forensic linguistics in a multidisciplinary perspective
Studi AISV 10

La linguistica forense in prospettiva multidisciplinare [Forensic linguistics in a multidisciplinary perspective]

edited by Chiara Meluzzi and Sonia Cenceschi

e-ISBN: 978-88-97657-61-3 [pdf volume]

Please, cite contributions in this volume as in the following example by replacing the bold parts:

Author. 2023. “Article title”. In La linguistica forense in prospettiva multidisciplinare [Forensic linguistics in a multidisciplinary perspective], edited by Chiara Meluzzi and Sonia Cenceschi, Studi AISV 10:pagepage. IT: Officinaventuno. doi:10.17469/O2110AISV0000xx.

The single articles will be uploaded soon.

Published: 17-07-2023
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